Don't Bleed Through Your Pants is a series of mini games based on menstruation. It's your job to attempt to get good care,  and not bleed for your pants!

At the moment, there is no sound. When I presented it at It's a Bloody Nightmare, I played  a selection of music I had written. 

The HTML version has a few glitches: 

  • text colours are different and difficult to read
  •  links to outside sites don't open
  • artist page is illegible
  •  the lose screen animation  of blood splatter doesn't work on my computer

 I can't fix these at the moment. The windows version is available as a zip or as an NSIS installer. Both love to gives you lots of warnings about installing them.

I'll be fixing up the html version during July. 

Version History

Version 1 was shown in 2017 at Feb Fatale for Dames Making Games

-Survival mode and concept art

Version 2 was shown in 2017 at It's a Bloody Nightmare for Inclusive Arts London. 

- added links to HMB websites, artist description, Ninja and Doctor games, and a few improvements, and switch to Game Maker 2. 

Install instructions

The windows version is available as a zip or as an NSIS installer. Both love to gives you lots of warnings about installing them.

At the moment, there is no sound. 


Don' 7 MB
Don'tBleedthrough.exe 20 MB

Development log


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Short answer: Why not?

Long Answer: I actually laughed out loud at the "whyyyy?" I did a short talk about it here when I started making this game at a Dames Making Games in 2017. I'm still working and polishing this project. 

I was a patient expert for the Heavy Menstrual Bleeding(HMB) standard of care for Health Quality Ontario (HQO)in Canada. (I made this project on my own, and they have nothing to do with it) The reason why HQO made a standard on HMB is because Canada has one of the highest rates of  unnecessary hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) in the world.  HMB is a poorly treated illness, and most illness around periods are often dismissed.  Even basic things like anemia which is a risk of periods, are barely studied. A lot patients spend a lot of time being ignored because "it's just your period" and apparently because it's a natural thing it means that doctors and other people think it's a non-issue.  People generally think that all periods are the same, when in fact, they are all wildly different.  The risks of HMB are  anemia which can result in things like exhaustion, and even worse things like mini strokes and mini heart attacks. I had both at 29.   Other causes of heavy loss of blood can be things like bleeding disorders or fibroids which are tumours that grow in the uterus.  I had all the above.  I almost died because I was constantly rejected, humiliated, and gaslighted from receiving healthcare. This is unfortunately not uncommon.   I use to loose about a liter of blood over the period of a month, which is literally hemorrhaging and was told I was just over reacting and it was impossible.  

A lot of patients are told their periods are normal when they aren't. The goal of this game was to give people an idea of how much planning and worrying goes into having a period.  Periods can be painful, time consuming, surprising,  expensive and hilarious. I wanted to poke fun at and criticize a system that doesn't believe patients about their experience.  Maybe if we talked about periods more, less patients would go through the horrors I went through to get good healthcare.