Welcome to Version 3

Welcome to Version 3! (Originally Shown at Different Games 2018 – Oct 12-14)

Oct 14 2018

I’ve been working away on your favourite (only?) menstrual mini game series!


  • All the text now works in HTML5 version
  • Doctor game should display an answer every time now (If it doesn’t, if you could screen grab and post in the comments that would be lovely)
  • Animations now work in the HTML5 version
  • Pop ups for the health care info work, if you aren’t blocking popups. (It opens in a new window)


  • Music! By Crash Overture (also featured in Contagion)
  • Buttons – have sounds! (except in Survival, couldn’t get a sound I liked)
  • New Buttons for the Doctor game
  • New facial expression Animations for the Uterus in Survival
  • When you go to the bathroom to early in Ninja, it now tells you why you lost rather than just sending you back to the menu
  • Happiness is measured, and you get results based on how happy you were able to make yourself. (Both Ninja and Survival, both have different answers)

The Future!

  • More polish (all the those little bits)
  • New Game called tentatively “Gone fishing”
  • New DOCTOR animations
  • DOCTOR revisions – there’s something I need to do to make this one work a wee bit better
  • Improved Win screen
  • Fix 'dancing clock' 
  • Endless mode  and Hardcore for Survival and a few of the other tasks I had planned out. 

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