Posting without fixing

Porting this game over to HTML 5 came with a few issues I wasn't planning on.

  • text colours are different and difficult to read
  •  links to outside sites don't open
  • artist page is illegible
  •  the lose screen animation  of blood splatter doesn't work on my computer

 I can't fix these at the moment.  Largely because I left my power cable for my monitor in a different city and the screen on my surface pro 3 isn't really the best for programming, and I really need a little break.

Current things that need to be fixed with version 2 (windows and html)

  • Doctor game - some combonations give no answer

Design issues

  • Doctor Game - needs something to notify the player that the time is up and their answer is on the top on the screen
  • Ninja game - another screen so when you go to the bathroom too early, you aren't just confused about going back to the main menu
  • Ninja - a bit more motivation to hit the go out button.
  • Font colour changes for the non-colour blind, apparently my magical unicorn writing is hard on non-colour blind people (possibly other colour blind people, I just went with lots of contrast because that's what I can see and like to see)

Future idea (some)

  • Endless mode for survival


Don' Play in browser
Jun 01, 2018
Don' 7 MB
Jun 11, 2018
Don'tBleedthroughv2.exe 20 MB
Jun 11, 2018

Get Don't Bleed Through Your Pants!

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