Made in a few days using bitsy. A short adventure game with multiple endings.

Explore, collect objects, and talk to people. Ultimately get back home.  

No sound. 

Amusingly, I didn't realize that you couldn't make endings based on conditionals  until fairly late. Maybe you can, but I didn't figure out how to use the hacks. Either way, I had fun. 


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this is fun enough and i think i got 3 different ending! but also a bit confusing as i couldn't understand if i could go farther than i made it.. like the screen that shows the below and above hallway with items but i cant seem to get to the above one? not by climbing the pillars (which is something you can do to get to the "party") and i couldnt seem to go farther to another room where it might lead me to the above section.. im just a bit confused about it


Thank you for playing! It was for a game jam, and I ended up realizing  in the last hours I couldn't do what I needed to and ran out of time.   So there are a few things that could be improved upon. The upper room, kinda works like the climbing the pillars one, but you have to fly up to it from the previous room and jump over Vala. 
The environment isn't designed well enough to indicate where, there is a star in the sky that's close to the path. 
There's 4 endings. There are two options in one room. 
I'll think about your comments for the next one. It was fun to make a little fanfiction. 

ah thanks i'll try replaying it and see if i can find all of them :D 


Great! If you want a hint I seem to be half decent as checking this page.  lol

haha!!! i found the path to the upper parts of those rooms! :D


Woo hooo!