A quick platformer based on the ideas pushed forwarded by De Stijl.

Reduce the medium down to its basic forms. Vertical and Horizontal lines and the Primary colours.... of course, someone... cough cough Van Doesburg cough cough couldn't stick to the rules.


Jump = space

Arrows keys to move

Down key to warp to start.

Other notes:

Removing everything I hate about platformers: No time limit, no dying, no points, no clear ending, no real physics.

Embracing what I love: exploring, falling, accidentally making music or breaking it.

And art joke achievements for giggles.

version 1.0 (March 24 2017) - made while practicing gml

HTML5 version - test (March 25 2018) - has a few glitches


De Stijl.exe 2 MB

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