A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was made for the FEMICOM Theresa Duncan game jam.

Here's a great article about her work

I made a dollhouse with furniture that can move. It's inspired by KISS games which allowed girls to make their own paper doll programs and often tell stories with minimal programming. I made and played these games growing up, it was the best to just move things around and create little stories in my head about the characters. Duncan's games reminded me of KISS games because they were about exploding, playing, and the strange enjoyable slowness of messing around.

It is also inspired by Jeremy Blake and the Winchester Trilogy.

Programmed, Composed and Drawn by Diana Poulsen

Install instructions

I've exported the desktop version from Construct 2, meaning it's accessible on all computers

Unzip, and open the folder, find the one that best describes what you have and deleted what you don't need.


RED ROSIE.zip 279 MB